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Product Management Track


Course Introduction:


The Product Management track is designed to support women who have little to no experience in the field, providing them with the necessary skills to enter the field of product management. For four months, you will engage in various modules and sessions, participants will learn the fundamentals of product management, including product strategy, user experience design, agile development, scrum, and product launch. The program provides hands-on exercises, mentorship, and guidance to empower women to succeed in product management roles or start their own products or websites.



Learning Objectives:

  •  Discuss the foundations of the product management field and product development life cycle. 
  • Match product strategy with business goals.     
  • Conduct effective market research to identify opportunities and threats.
  • Create detailed customer profiles and personas to inform product development decisions. 
  • Select and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess product success.
  • Develop innovative product designs that align with user needs.
  • Apply Agile and Scrum principles to manage product development projects efficiently.
  • Communicate product vision and updates effectively to cross-functional teams.
  • Use the softwares related to the product management field that facilitates their work.